Mexican Research Project for Pobre Ana

Things I did in this research include: labeling some of Mexico’s geography on a map to obtain a further understanding of the settings in Pobre Ana, recording different populations of several prominent Mexican cities for background information, and researching ten different tourist attractions in Mexico to strengthen my knowledge about Mexico’s economy and its culture.

This project introduced some of the Spanish culture, and it helped familiarize me with some of the settings in the novel Pobre Ana. Labeling a map introduced me to several significant Mexican cities such as Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Tepic. I gained so much knowledge about the cultures of Mexico and what makes Mexico what it is today. For example, the remnants of the Aztec and Mayan civilizations that once inhabited parts of Mexico. I did not know much about Mexico’s geography beforehand. Two places I’d enjoy visiting in Mexico are the Chichen Itza ruins and Sayulita, Nayarit. Now that I know more about the Mayans, seeing Chichen Itza in person would be very interesting. I’d also love to travel to Sayulita because it’s a quaint, little town with beautiful beaches.

The Day to Remember

I will never forget my eleventh birthday. Moments like this one will be hard to forget.

I walk into the kitchen. This is going to be perfect! I have my favorite turquoise shirt on, some white jean material shorts, my hair curled, and the brightest smile in the room. Dad turns to me and smiles, while my brother has a mysterious look on his face. “It’s time to open up the present.” Dad announced. Only one present? This is the worst day ever! He grabbed the gift so delicately, it looked as if the gift was floating in thin air. The tissue paper danced from the breeze. Dad set the present on the table. “Time to open up the present,” Dad repeated. I definitely didn’t want to show my disappointment.

I sat down by the tabletop; I was surrounded by my family. I started plucking the tissue paper from the bag. I looked down spotting a blue shirt, and picked it up. “Thank you,” I declared, “I love it!” I hoped it looked like I wasn’t upset. I thought. This is officially the worst day ever!

“There’s something else inside of the bag!” My brother peered into the bag and exclaimed. I snap out of my daze. “No there’s not!” I barked. “Look for yourself!”, my brother debated. “Okay, but there’s nothing inside of the bag!” I exclaimed. I looked into the bag; I focused mainly at the bottom. There’s a piece of paper, and I picked it up. I start to read the title, but my eyes started to blur from excitement. I make out the words:Taylor Swift, tour, and tickets. “Oh my goodness!” I proclaimed. Taylor Swift concert tickets! I appreciate this so much! I love you!” I screamed. “Squeal! Scream! Screech!”

My eleventh birthday was an event I’ll never forget. Although, I also learned a very important lesson. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.


Tears fall,

My face is red.

“You’re ugly!”

They all said.


That’s what I am.

Not good enough.



inside and out.

Love fights,

Hatred takes over.




Given up.

Dreams are dead.

The worst part,

It’s stuck in my head.

Morals of the Holocaust

  Everybody is equal, no matter their race or size, and that is one lesson I learned while studying the Holocaust.  I feel like people judge individuals by what’s on the “outside”, or their religion. Everyone’s probably done it at least once. I know I’ve done it. I’ve judged a sweet, smart girl that is capable of doing everything I can do and that’s wrong.  Why is this a bad thing? We’re influencing more pupils, or people, to do it too. Think about it, we have politicians, Donald Trump etc., who say and do things to make people seem like “bad guys”. My mom was an alcoholic. That doesn’t mean she was a bad person. She just couldn’t stop. Everyone deserves a chance to feel like they belong, so don’t judge and include everyone.


 Another lesson I learned from the Holocaust is to be brave. Anne Frank was a girl who had to live in hiding for two years, 1942-1944, during World War Two. All day she had to sit and be still, so no one would hear her and discover the hiding place. My point is she had to continuously be brave like many others in hiding. Whether you have to give a speech to a class, or you have to hit off of a 90 mph fastball pitch, you should show and use bravery to get through it.

Number the Stars: Ellen’s Diary Entry

Dear Journal,                                                                                                                                                      September 30, 1943

Ever since the Nazis invaded, everything has been horrible. We have to ration food, electricity, and now my parents are gone too. It’s not fair! It’s not like America and Britain have soldiers on their streets. The Nazis are the worst!!

“We couldn’t take all three of them.” Annemarie’s father said earlier. Those words are stuck in my head! What if I won’t get to see my parents again. What if my parents get arrested. What if….. my parents die. I cannot stop thinking about this.

“This morning at the synagogue, the rabbi told his congregation that the Nazis have taken the synagogue lists of all the Jews.” This wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t one. “Where they live, what their names are. Of course the Rosens were on the list, along with many others.” Tears are falling down my cheek as I reread my entry so far. Why would a little girl have to go through this?

Annemarie is lucky. She doesn’t have to go through this. She get’s to go to church, and everything is alright. I wish…. I wish that… I just wish that all of this would go away. Maybe this is all a dream. A dream that I’ll wake up from and everything will be better.

-<3- Ellen Rosen

The Christmas Cookie Experience


I walked up to my friend Aurora’s house.

Ring ,ring ,ring.

Her mom answers.

“Hi Lillian!

We haven’t seen you in a while.

Come on in!

Aurora and I are making cookies.”

I start to smell the aroma.

I walk inside.

“I love to bake!”

“Aurora does too.

She’s the “chef of the house”.

“Hello Lillian.                                                                                                                                                                                             I’m rolling the dough.”

Aurora says happily.

“Make sure to wash up.”

Mrs. Egbe mentioned.

“Yes ma’am.”

I start to roll the dough.

The pan awaits.

Slowly we finish the job.

“It’s time to put these in the oven.”

The air reaches out and warms us.

Then she closes the oven door.

The heat vanishes.

Mrs. Egbe puts a timer on.

The dough will soon be cookies.

“Let’s get the frosting.”

Aurora says.

“Not before you eat some of this leftover dough.”

Mrs. Egbe says.


This is one of my favorite things to do!”

Aurora states.

We scoop up balls of dough.


This is so delicious!”

Ding , ding , ding!

The cookies are done.

“Now let’s get the frosting.”

Mrs. Egbe brings out the colors red and green.

“Can we decorate?”

Aurora and I ask.

“Of course!”

Holly, Christmas trees, and snowflakes.

“It’s time to taste test!”

Aurora joyfully says.

We each pick a cookie.


The cookie is phenomenal!

Spending time with friends,

made this Christmas Eve memorable.





Decorated-Christmas-Cookies-16.jpg (1600×1067)



Today’s Problems: Technology vs In-Person

When communicating in person and communicating with technology there are a lot of similarities. One similarity,
you can play games on both of them. My brother loves to play mine craft on his iPad and game console. At times he also likes to play board games. Both, also can be very time-consuming. When talking or texting , you can easily start to get off-topic about one thing again and again. Be sure to not be looking at a screen for too long, it can damage your eyesight. Also when talking, you can easily “leak” out information to someone you do not know when they are passing by. Another example of a similarity is, you are talking to someone either way. Whether you are texting online or talking in person, that is still communicating.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I hope you can understand more of the similarities between the two. When communicating with technology and in person there are also some differences. For example, how close you are to the one you are chatting with determines the way you can chat. When talking in person, you have to be relatively close to the person you’re talking to. However, when using technology, you can call or text a person from thousands of miles away! When my dad went to San Jose, California, we couldn’t physically talk to each other. We had to either text or call, sometimes face time. When he got home, we got to talk face-to-face. Also, when communicating in person, you can easily understand them. An example of this, body language and facial expressions. On the other hand, when communicating with technology you sometimes can’t tell what tone they are talking in. They could say, “Are you kidding me?” and you could think they are being serious or they could be saying it to be sarcastic. When communicating in person and using technology, be careful how you word things , or how you say it in your voice tone, You can easily upset someone. Lastly, the way you could connect with each other determining the way you do it. When you are talking face-to-face, you can easily hear them, unlike when talking on the phone you can easily get cut-off.Now you’ve heard the differences as well, and I hope you enjoyed my similarities and differences of communicating with technology and communicating in person.

Lost but Found

I was in. It’s pitch black, and I can’t see anything. I can’t recall a lot of memories from last night, today, or even tomorrow. I’m not sure. Although, I’m almost one hundred percent sure I’m not in my room.

Every year the government chooses twenty kids to be entered in a test. Nobody knows where or what the so called “test” is because the kids have sworn secrecy, well the ones that make it out.

My name is Claire. I have blonde hair and hazel eyes. I’m your average eleven-year-old, so I’m just wearing my white-colored suit with my hair tied up in a simple ponytail. At least I used to be your average eleven-year-old.

All of the sudden I heard a noise. “Crunch”! The sound of a person stepping on leaves alarmed me. My eyesight started to focus. I look up and see a boy with light brown hair and green eyes. Now, almost all of the boys look like that. He suddenly broke the silence, “My name is Peyton. Quickly, get up and follow me!”

“Why should I follow you?” I said rudely. “ Just trust me.” Before I could speak, he pulled me up and started once again pulling me, but this time he took me across a bridge(I’m pretty sure he built it.) over a rushing, gushing, rapid-containing river. Swish, swoosh, swish, swoosh.

I soon spotted a tree house. “Did you build this?” He then said rudely, “No it’s just my neighbors.” “You have neighbors?”I asked curiously “No! We’re in the middle of a wooded enclosure! Do you really think I have neighbors?!”

We left it at that, and started climbing up his ladder. It seemed like forever, and I was starting to mourn over this whole experience. As soon as we got up he rolled up his ladder “professionally”. He then typed in some type of code into his home made contraption, and the door opened.

He urged me to come sit down on his “couch” or somewhat of a couch. He got a “cup” and poured most-likely river water inside of it and gave it to me.”Drink it.” So I did, it wasn’t the best, but at least it was something.”Peyton?” l asked. “Yeah?” “Is there a way out of here?” “I was waiting until I met someone here who would be trustful to tell them the way out.”He stated simply. “Am I trustful enough?” I asked another question. “I’m not sure, but my gut-feeling says yes.” “Then go with your gut -feeling.”

Without talking, he got up and went down a secret set of stairs, and motioned me to follow him. We walked into a tunnel, and up ahead lied a dead end. Wait no, it wasn’t a dead end! It’s a door! “It takes two people to open it.” So that’s why you waited so long?” “Yes.”, he said smiling. Peyton showed me how to open it. Peyton and I both tried our hardest to open it. The door wouldn’t budge! We tried again… it didn’t work. Alas, we tried a third time, and slowly but surely the door started to open.

We walked through the door. I was ecstatic, jumping up and down, spinning all around, we had made it! Peyton and I remained friends, and he taught me a very important lesson, have kindness.


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